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How to get real success in life

If we want to succeed in our life which will play a major role  - fate, God, effort or luck? Is it destiny or hard work that help us to Success ? ( Hard working men work in factory and a girl cross her finger image -Healthythink ) So when you say fate, obviously it’s something that you cannot do anything about. When you say luck , again obviously it’s something that you cannot do anything about. When you say God , again it’s something that you cannot do anything about. So only thing that’s in your hands is effort. So put your 100% into your effort , So don’t leave proportions of your energy and your capability to luck¸ God, fate, all these things; that’s not your business. If there is such a thing, it will act. Your business is only effort ? Just do that. Effort has to be incisive, in the sense, it should be focused, calibrated. Simply if you make effort, it’s foolish effort,  Just labor is not going to get you somewhere, right kind of action, the right timing, right place, all this

Pyar Sacha ya phir jhutha ?

How to determine that your partner love would be true or false ?

It's important of human being to love one ,it such a way that....
If you will love some one with your full potential ,whole universe will try to connect you.

This is quite filmy dialogue.

But if you love someone so much and  want to know is your love or love of your
partner towards you is true or false.

    " If you love someone what it means
It's simply means your feeling towards
Your partner "

So, let's started ...

                  But you want to know,because today to find a true love is as compare to find
a needle in a desert  Everyone knows it's very well.

Even this question is in your mind ,so let's start from biginning .

Did you ask your self ,will you love him that much to ask this question is answer is yes/ No.

 If your Answer is YES

Than try this method to verify your doubt.
Simply just try to avoid him for few days ,no calls no massages ,try to ignore him/ her as you can.
Sometime you may be fullish by your brain, and will think to talk to your partner but, wait just control your emotion .

If he / she try to connect as possible he/she can that very good simple for you.


So now it's your turn to tell him/her
the truth that's it's just a love test and
your Partner cleared the love test....

                  " Because Love are like rubber band, don't try                                     to stratch otherwise it's break "


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