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Boost Immunity Fast At Home

Food To Increase Immunity Instantly At Home. With the spread of covid 19 the whole world is fighting together. The best way to fight this pandemic is to take precautions and most importantly build strong immunity . So we discuss about immunity boosting food for Covid . In this pendamic every one thinks how to increase immunity at home .  Your immune system is an intricate network that combats invaders like bacteria and viruses. You can strengthen it to fight off diseases keep your body's soldiers fit and ready by eating foods that will give your immune system a boost . You'll add in your daily routine the best foods to boost your immune system and keep you protected during these covid times. Healthy eating habits is important for emune system especially during the Covid-19 pendamic . List of 11 foods that boost your immune system 1. Tomatoes   Tomatoes are a great food to eat when you're sick due to their high concentration of vitamin C. A medium-sized tomato contains m

Some time why we thing nonsense

Some time why we thing nonsense ?

Before biginning I tell you why I tell you this. Really nonsense  have no value or nothing but quite himself.
Your just deep in it .Sometime you happy or some time sad but satisfied.
So what you think when you are at Barber shop ,but today I dont want to tell you about that ,but some other day may be.
Thinking process for humar will be endless even unpredictable. You can't know  what the next persons think,you just try to  imagine.
But failure at the end .

There is more than one way to think. Most people are familiar with the systematic, rule-based thinking that one finds in a mathematical proof or a computer program .
But where from computer ends the thinking, brain start.

                                There are many probality to use this human intellect in different angles. The must common unsolvable ,questions answer may be found in this way.

Thinking process have capacity to go beyond this universe, if you just close your eyes and try to concentrate  in your thinking how far you can travel.
Had you check you potential,I tried it.
I failed to travel out of box,may be this universe is endless. The single day I am alone ,means not in pin drop silence  crowd area but I tried to break the universe boundary. So can you imagine the power of thinking.

Deep thinking is the main ingredients in every learning experiment, but have some methods and that method we have to find seriously aspossible as it is. And in my thinking we have to think it fully by yourself means no other thinking effect your wholeness.

" For think big ,you dont want to focus to think big,you just direct your thinking to big way.  "

Think alone by 
   Manoj kumar sahoo
   Diploma in safety  
   B.tech CSE (BPUT)         


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