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How to get real success in life

If we want to succeed in our life which will play a major role  - fate, God, effort or luck? Is it destiny or hard work that help us to Success ? ( Hard working men work in factory and a girl cross her finger image -Healthythink ) So when you say fate, obviously it’s something that you cannot do anything about. When you say luck , again obviously it’s something that you cannot do anything about. When you say God , again it’s something that you cannot do anything about. So only thing that’s in your hands is effort. So put your 100% into your effort , So don’t leave proportions of your energy and your capability to luck¸ God, fate, all these things; that’s not your business. If there is such a thing, it will act. Your business is only effort ? Just do that. Effort has to be incisive, in the sense, it should be focused, calibrated. Simply if you make effort, it’s foolish effort,  Just labor is not going to get you somewhere, right kind of action, the right timing, right place, all this

Time Changes, but Love Remains unchanged


Love is a natural feeling that each and every living thing feels and experience .
When one starts loving someone she/he feels on top of the world experiences that life is more beautiful and every creation of god seems a piece of beauty. He/she feels that he himself or she herself has started looking beautiful and sweet.
Talking about different type of love have different meaning for different people, for someone love undescribe feeling of life but for someone it's all about joyful for he /she lives for whole life.

Love have different feeling for different kind of human ,even for every creature in this universe.
The indefinite definitions of love are twisted and turned by every brain that tries to interpret it and every heart that tries to feel it. From the outside, it seems like modern times have changed a lot about love. Romeo and Juliet love are consider as the old school poem and story .
What's the truth? Is perception of love really changed. May be style of love may changed ,the delivery style is leaded by mobiles, electronics instruments and social media as compare to generation back.

Now a day who sends love letters to his / her partner to express feelings.
Today couples walk hand-in-hand on the streets, restaurants are filled with the air of romance, many parks are now 'lovers point' , there are popular 'dating spots', couples get matching tattoos. Our lifestyles have changed, priorities have changed, the expression of love has changed and people have started keeping an open minded .

But feeling of love never change, you feel same things when you loved someone. The feeling of love is as sweet as generation back.
May be we are high-tech but , today also we are scared to propose a girl /boy  if we love her/ him from the heart.
Always there a feeling of loosing .
There are so much things today for entertainment but if your heart is broken only you have only one way ,listening to sad music. May be time changes ,may be we are changed but love remains unchanged.


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