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How to get real success in life

If we want to succeed in our life which will play a major role  - fate, God, effort or luck? Is it destiny or hard work that help us to Success ? ( Hard working men work in factory and a girl cross her finger image -Healthythink ) So when you say fate, obviously it’s something that you cannot do anything about. When you say luck , again obviously it’s something that you cannot do anything about. When you say God , again it’s something that you cannot do anything about. So only thing that’s in your hands is effort. So put your 100% into your effort , So don’t leave proportions of your energy and your capability to luck¸ God, fate, all these things; that’s not your business. If there is such a thing, it will act. Your business is only effort ? Just do that. Effort has to be incisive, in the sense, it should be focused, calibrated. Simply if you make effort, it’s foolish effort,  Just labor is not going to get you somewhere, right kind of action, the right timing, right place, all this

Ways In Which Couples Enjoy MakingLove

When you’re a couple making love, you have certain feelings involved. That’s what will make it so fabulous and special. Though you may not at first think you have the art of making love down, it really isn’t that difficult to do.

Perhaps you’re tired of the same old thing and want to spice it up a bit. Yes makinglove the same position all the time can get boring. But it’s not just the positions that can make a big difference, but other things that you use as well.

Adding in special outfits that you or your lover wear can make the air electric. Make the session of makinglove so much better than normal. It could be something you’ve always found interest in, like maybe you have a thing for nurses.

Buy your loved one nurses outfit and have them dress in it for you. Play out a fantasy that you know you would never really do. But with a loved one you feel safe letting go of all that information and allowing yourself to feel free.

Many people have many types of fetishes that they enjoy, from feet to hands. It doesn’t matter whatever you and your mate like you can share together. In doing this it is going to bring you closer in general. And your love making will be electric!

So even make up a list of what you both like, be it something likes body painting, or something else. Buy outfits, hats, accessories that can be added into the role playing sessions you will soon be enjoying.

When you want to liven up love making, it’s a lot more complicated than just changing the position for a time or two. That is if you really want to spice it up and let both of you enjoy it more than you ever have.

Experiments and enjoy all sorts of new things!
Has your love life been somewhat a drag lately? Many couples have this problem. You just need tips on makinglove married couples sex, how to spice things up. If things are going well in the bedroom then, things can go well with the rest of your marriage as sex has a tendency to bring couples closer than ever. Here are a few tips when it comes to makinglove while you are married and spicing things up in the bedroom.

One of the first things they tell you when you are working on things for makinglove married couples sex how to spice things up is to remember that what you were like when you were younger is not what you are like now. The best thing to do is remember that you might have kids; therefore you might have gained some weight. Both of you might be out of shape. So, get those muscles going and work out. This will then make it so that your mind is on the fast tract to sex.

Yet, another thing that you can do to spice things up is to simply open your mind to things. There are tons of videos that are out there that can help you get your mind in gear. Doing these things together might just get the juices flowing more than they have in the past. Read a kinky book. These things can give you ideas of what to try in makinglove.

Taking a trip together is one other means. You might just get bored or implement some of the things listed above. When you do this, you might be in the mood for all sorts of fun. Go to places that you have dreamed of. It can be pretty amazing when you do this.

Others do just that, but after they renew their vows. They are firm in believing that if they bring back the feeling of being in love like the puppy love that they felt before, then their sex drive will be just as well. This is a great idea. Some even honeymoon where they did when they first married. This might make you remember that amazing night that you were making love.

As you can see, there are a number of things that you can do. It is all about what works for you. The nice things with these suggestions are that you can try a number of them. You are not just limited to one thing. So, see what works for you. You might just be surprised at how much you can step up your love life.

Let’s face it; far too often we approach intimacy with personal desires foremost in our minds. This is great if you are planning impersonal sex. But makinglove requires we focus on thinking about the needs of our mate. When we make love we desire to provide our mate with the ultimate in physical, emotional and sexual satisfaction. Love Making techniques involve doing what we can to please the other.

One mistake men often make is thinking that they can get their mates instantly turned on, kind of like flipping a wall switch. Women do not operate this way; they want to be romanced and made to feel loved. To do this properly there is definitely technique involved.

Love making techniques involve learning to please the other rather than please ourselves. For men this can often mean being able to provide sexual ecstasy to his mate before reaching his point of no return. This is not always so easy for men. The trick then would be to learn techniques to hang on until your mate has reached the point of no return.

The first thing to do is to relax. This is not a workout it is an adventure. Do not focus on reaching the point of no return. Focus rather on her needs and her emotions. Focus on what she is feeling. When you focus on her you will forget to think about yourself. You will automatically become a better lover by providing her needs first.

This involves being tender and passionate. She does not want to be treated like a video game, turn it on play it hard and then leave it while it is still hot. She wants to know that you care and love her. This is what turns her on. Be sensitive to her needs.

If you let the love making take control then you will feel the passion and let it do the work. Take your time with foreplay and let the passion control the tempo. Do not force things along. When you do enter her remember that you are makinglove. Easy does it, nice and slow to start and then increase tempo as both of your bodies are screaming for the point of ecstasy. Try to let her control the tempo.

Using this simple suggestion, your love making techniques will improve as you learn to know what the other wants. MakingLove  should be about pleasing the other and get pleased in return. This is the number one difference between love making and having sex. The rest of the love making techniques will come in time.


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