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Boost Immunity Fast At Home

Food To Increase Immunity Instantly At Home. With the spread of covid 19 the whole world is fighting together. The best way to fight this pandemic is to take precautions and most importantly build strong immunity . So we discuss about immunity boosting food for Covid . In this pendamic every one thinks how to increase immunity at home .  Your immune system is an intricate network that combats invaders like bacteria and viruses. You can strengthen it to fight off diseases keep your body's soldiers fit and ready by eating foods that will give your immune system a boost . You'll add in your daily routine the best foods to boost your immune system and keep you protected during these covid times. Healthy eating habits is important for emune system especially during the Covid-19 pendamic . List of 11 foods that boost your immune system 1. Tomatoes   Tomatoes are a great food to eat when you're sick due to their high concentration of vitamin C. A medium-sized tomato contains m

Maintain a healthy eating lifestyle everyday

Food to avoid for healthy life | Best food to boost healthy diet 

Food to avoid to stay healthy

We'll look at this classification what are the foods which fall under this. There's no need to look at the positive because a whole lot of them are positive, i can't produce a list. We look at the negative chronic food list it's a much shorter list but unfortunately it may be a list of all your favorite things (foods) too. On top of the negative chronic list is garlic

Food to avoid to stay healthy
( Food to avoid garlic, green chilli image -Pixabay )

Garlic is a very powerful medicine but it's one thing to consume something is a medicine and it's an entirely different thing to consume it as a daily food substance. It has many many medicinal qualities in ayurveda and siddha we use garlic in a very powerful way for specific ailments but now your logic is every day. If i pop whatever medicine i can i will be healthy in ayurveda.

We say like this every root every leaf found on this planet has some medicinal quality. It's just that only a few we have learned how to use others we are yet to learn how to use otherwise every one of them has some medicinal quality, if we are willing to pay attention and learn how to use them

So now if you want to be healthy what you do is anyway it's fall time there's a lot of leaf just go and eat as much leaf as possible and also take up a few roots and eat it you will be very healthy that's not how it works. Something specific for a specific problem is different just generally consuming medicinal substances is a different game. Garlic is a very powerful medicine, if properly used daily consumption. Because it plays on your nervous system big time. It is a very strong nervous stimulant, if you use garlic your nervous nervous system gets stimulated in a big way.

Anything that stimulates in our system holds you up for some time and then dumps you. Daily usage of nervous stimulants in any form will slowly get you to your place that you become insensitive to life, that you cannot experience. Now your holding dog is the ideal because he is more sensitive than us, his nervous system is far more sensitive than us because he can feel things and know things that we cannot know. 

Food to avoid everyday list  here




Green chilies



Tea coffee food to avoid good health

(Tea and coffee image with book )

Tea means the caffeine tea is the tea other things are just placebos. They're not tea you can boil any flour any leaf any root and call it tea that's not tea, tea means the tea leaf which is caffeine. All these are nervous stimulants once and away if you drink they have some benefits but if it becomes a daily thing slowly it dulls your nervous system, your ability to experience life is gone.

We are looking at this dimension of the food mainly in terms of your  sensitivity to life. Largely people are ego sensitive they are not life sensitive they can't feel life for them only their thought and emotion is life. Because they can't feel life if you walk out into the forest you can't feel the tree. That's why you call it a wood you can't feel the creatures around you simply because the sensitivity is gone in so many ways one thing is just the modern life, this television, this traffic.

Something is going it has a very bad effect on the human system. We are also a kind of reverberation there must be space to allow our reverberations to grow and spread, now these machines have such powerful reverberation constantly boom something is going on and on top of it what we cannot hear all these wi-fi and stuff they are doing their own thing. In all this there is no room for you to become life sensitive to sit here and be able to experience the whole universe. Takes a certain level of sensitivity.

Talking about nervous stimulants in that context you are lowering the possibility of experiencing life.

For example if you just touch anything not everybody will feel just a touch the same way you know. This it depends on how sensitive your system is, if you feel this you can know many things. 

Cup of coffee should not determine the quality of your life by choice you drink today, tomorrow you walk away it's fine. If it's a compulsion, if i don't drink my coffee my day is ruined then you have to do something about it. The only parameter is are you moving towards freedom or are you getting enslaved in some way with a cup of liquid. You shouldn't get enslaved yes with just about anything you're getting tangled up. Do everything by choice then there's no problem, if you do it by choice you know when to start when to stop. If you do it by compulsion what you start you cannot stop this is the whole problem.

Food that are super super healthy

Food that are super healthy
(Fruit vegetables super food image -Pixabay )

It's not like you become a food fanatic i don't eat this, i don't eat that don't become a food fanatic. It's just that eat by choice every meal must be by choice not that you've decided this is what you will eat and this is what you will not eat. Don't make food into religion it is not it is a choice and the choice should be according to the needs of the body, not according to social needs, not according to cultural needs, according to the needs of this body.

Healthiest food on the planet list

Healthiest food on the planet list
( Super food honey image - Healthythink )

So among the positive pranic foods there are a few foods which are very very positive, on top of the list is what is called as an Ash gourd (winter melon).  The indian ash gourd is like phenomenal ash gourd is very positive. Black pepper is very positive

Honey is one substance on the planet whose chemical composition is very close to that of human blood. Daily consumption of honey can do wonderful things to you and honey is an extremely good thing to eat especially if you have children at home. Make honey culture part of your thing psychological stability, physical well-being, vitality. All these things can be greatly enhanced simply consuming daily honey.

 If you have excess fat in your body if you drink honey with warm water it breaks down the fat in the system. If you drink it with cold water it will give you weight.


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