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Boost Immunity Fast At Home

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Things to know before buying a home

Things to keep in mind before buying a house | Impact of building's geometry 

Everything that is functional in the universe has to be geometrically in sync otherwise it will cause disturbance. We know this for plants and animals the atmosphere in which they live is very important, the same goes for the human blood the very shapes and forms that you have around you has a certain impact because you are also a physical form.

Things to know before buying a home
( Buying a house a girl with guy selling a house image - pixels)

So does the geometry of a building make a difference; absolutely say if you look at the physical world whether it's your body or a blade of grass or the planet or whatever the physical universe is all about geometry.  

How long something stands 

or how well something functions physically is only a question of geometry, even your body. How you sit will determine how long the different parts of your body will last how you stand, how you walk today, for runners and others do you know this posture correction has become a huge science. They got machines, they got all scanning machines which will tell you if you stand like this how your vertebra or how your ribs are. How if you do like this where is your stomach, where is your liver all this because if you run the wrong way you will damage yourself this is coming to sports in a big way now but yoga is always about this.

The whole system of yoga is about aligning your geometry with the larger cosmic geometry, so that you can function with least amount of friction. If we say a machine is well engineered essentially you are saying its geometry is well aligned. A misaligned geometry means lots of friction, so this goes for your body this  goes for every shape and form everything that is functional in the universe has to be geometrically in sync otherwise it will cause disturbance.

So does the geometry of a building make a difference; absolutely, especially if you're a little sensitive it will make a huge difference for everybody. It makes a difference, most people don't understand - not don't notice anything about themselves, they only understand the consequence, they only understand i'm not feeling good they don't know why they're not feeling good. People don't notice that, but the very shapes and forms that you have around you has a certain impact because you are also a physical form and how this physical form; is how this; is how that; is all this has a certain geometric impact.

Many of you have felt this, especially the girls probably would feel it more. If they walk into a building i don't like this, just like that. You know it's always when men and women husband and wife go to buy a house, the husband sees all the brochures and said this is good this is good and it's prized well it's fantastic. She walks in i don't like it. Why i don't like it that's all [Applause]. Because she doesn't feel good that's all she knows, she doesn't know why she doesn't feel good she doesn't know what is the shape which is causing this but she knows this doesn't feel good. 

Why should sit in temple
( Devotees sit in the temple before praying image -pexels )

So the shapes and forms have a significant impact on you, if we paid enough attention said you must look at this you must look at the south indian temples; how geometrically perfect they are. You take your laser measuring instruments today and check it, it's perfect. You know and how the shapes and forms make a difference is something that they examined to the minutest possible thing when they built the ancient temples. But in south they took time and engineered it in a certain way you can feel it, you don't have to believe anything you just go and sit there you feel a certain that space has a certain impact on you

Our home should be built like this, our offices should be built like this because it's very important. 

We know this for plants and animals and everything the atmosphere in which they live is very important the habitat otherwise they won't thrive. The same goes for the human being if you just want to somehow live and die you can live anywhere, but if you want to thrive really then it's important. How what kind of spaces you live in there is a whole science to this, which is generally called as Agama. 

People think it's temple building science, it's not about temple building it was to be built every human habitation was to be built that way, a whole lot of people couldn't afford it for their house they did it only for the temple because it takes more involvement and care for this; so this is the reason; this is one of the reasons why you must understand only in the south this instruction is still there. In the north it's gone in south, even today this instruction is there if you go to the temple you don't have to pray, you don't have to appeal to some god; you just have to sit there for some time, must sit there but what people are doing today is they just touching their bottom to the floor and going away, that's not the idea the space has been built with such care. You must sit there and experience this and allow your system to make use of it, because this is a geometry too the entire system of Yoga is just this hatta yoga is all about. Correcting your geometry constantly that if you walk through the world, you will walk through it effortlessly. If your geometry is not right then you will see every point will get tangled up. So architecture in india is right now except "a few the new architecture" that's been done unfortunately we have a serious mental enslavement.

Whatever is done in the western countries, we're doing it not considering our weather our the temperatures and everything simply even our clothing is like that largely if you go out of IIT, probably most of you will be wearing a suit jacket and underneath around your neck in 40 degrees temperature how to wear a jacket .

So architecture is not just about the buildings the very ways we sit and stand the furniture even our clothing is architecture in a way. We may call it by different names we may call it design, fashion but it's essentially about shapes and forms. 

we've been in a survival mode desperately trying to somehow make our people survive in this country. Now we have come to your reasonable levels of well-being, so it's not touch every human being at least large segments have come to reasonable things this is the time that we need to look at more sophisticated way of existence and it's not always expensive.

Ancient civilisation india temple
( Old indian temple in ruin position image -pexels )

It is not we can create something very wonderful so right now between the roof and the gravity there is a fight going on, you may not see the fight but it's happening there is tension here and one day someday who do you think will win the structure or the gravity gravity will win so we created structures which are standing up not because of the strength of the material but simply because of the perfection of geometry. So it's the gravity which is holding it up not gravity pulling it down you must come and see these buildings they're unique and fantastic the one thing i'm very proud of that we created the building is designed to last for at least a minimum of three to five thousand years because there is no material they are deteriorating, there is no steel, there is no cement, there's no concrete; it's just burnt brick. Even if you go to Manjadhara or Harappa or whatever the most ancient civilization what is it that you find burnt clay is the only thing that survived; its burnt brick and just lime which is holding the thing up. It's not the strength of the material it's the perfection of geometry unless a very it's seismologically sensitive area. So we put it on sand beds so it takes small shocks suppose a very major earthquake which opened up the land happened only then it will come down otherwise it will not come down.


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