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The basic difference of the way of Shiva and the way of Buddha

The Way Is Buddha Is Came From The Way Of Shiva | Is It Fare To Compare Lord Shiva And Lord Buddha ?

It's very easy to talk about Buddha’s way because it's very logical, it's quite simple actually, and it's very long-drawn-out process. Generally the methods that Gautama gave to people were always a question of a few lifetimes. You can clearly see this today, the Buddhists are always talking about this, particularly the Tibetan Buddhists who are the best known Buddhists in the world today  for whatever political reasons.

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They’re always talking about a few lifetimes of work. So, if you have that kind of patience that you are willing to work for a few lifetimes, Gautama’s way is a very efficient, very logical, scientific step-by-step process that one can take, because this is a path of awareness. The significance of walking the path of awareness is - there are milestones on the way which tell you, you have come one mil…

Overcome With Fight In A Relationship

How to deal with fight in a relationship 

Punishing somebody else is not going to transform your life not going to make your life beautiful in any way.  Some sick satisfaction you'll have for two days after that you'll feel guilty about that also yes initially when this emotion is hot it gives you satisfaction after sometimes.

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So probably you misunderstood the understanding. You believed that these understandings are absolute they are not nowhere in the history of humanity or today or in any time in future. Will human relationships be absolute though every person, who gets little romantic believes that this is going to be an absolute relationship. There is no such thing about it a relationship is a variable always you have to conduct it on a daily basis. One day if you don't conduct it properly it may go somewhere.  Look at it as it is you have to conduct it right so no i am doing my best obviously, somebody feels your best is not go…

Time To Be A Real Superhero

How To Live Easily In Corona World | Your Every Single Moves Make You Real Superhero 
We are in any preferred circumstance over we were four months or five months back in reality we are in a more regrettable circumstance as the laws of the country and states loosen up your own conventions your family.

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So the laws in the nation both here and in numerous states in this nation and wherever else are being loose. They're being loose not on the grounds that we are in any preferable circumstance over we were four months or five months prior. Truth be told we are in a more terrible circumstance yet a general public a country and the world cannot go on secured for eternity. So they're loosening up this for economic reasons and social reasons as the laws of the country and states loosen up your own conventions. Your family conventions must get more tight and more tight, it's significant the most basic duty in this time is that you r…

Food To Increase Energy Level Naturally

Food Help To Lose Your Weight, Weight Gain And Increase Your Energy Levels 
The only substance found on the planet whose chemical composition is very close to that of human blood. If it consumed raw it has one kind of impact, if it is consumed in cold water it has another kind of impact keeping the blood chemistry in a certain balance, keeping the blood pure will definitely happen wonderful diet for children in terms of enhancing their intellectual capabilities .

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In karnataka there are certain tribes called jainukrubas, jaina kurobas means they're honey shepherds.
Their diet is like this first thing in the morning one bamboo glass, you know bamboo shoots sliced off like this it takes about three fourths of a liter. Three-fourths of a liter of honey in the morning that's all the diet. You drink three-fourths of a liter of honey in the morning and then you're out in the forest in a day, easily you walk 30 to 40 kilometers and you climb a…

Food To Never Eat - Brinjals Or Eggplant

Food not to eat Brinjals | The Bed Effect Of Brinjals  Eggplant it's called brinjal everywhere in the world.  You saw only one type of brinjals in India. we have  every size and shape then why are they calling it eggplant probably they saw only that kind to start with.

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                          So this is the only other vegetable which actually has some poison in it. There is a certain chemical called Shiva team in the brinjals which damages your hypothalamus, no type thalamus the rear part of your brain. Which plays an important role in your decision-making and who you are right now it is not that if you eat one brinjals or eggplant your brains will cease.
                If it was so by now there was no problem at all, it is just that the problem of the negative chronic food. Is just this the damage happens slowly and it tastes good if you eat one garlic you will fall dead. 

                         Do I have to tell you don't eat it you wo…

Why All This Creation ?

What Einstein Common With Yogi |  Is Why All This Creation Is Right Question  To Ask ?

                          There is nothing which is not related to Yoga because Yoga means union. Yoga does not mean twisting your body, standing on your head, holding your breath or some other nonsense.

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                       Yoga means union, union means all-inclusiveness, everything has become one in your experience. Now this is not our idea, because that is the way existence is, that it is all-inclusive. There is nothing here which you can separate from the other. Today modern science is proving it to you beyond any doubt that the whole existence is just one energy ? The religions of the world have been screaming for a long time that “God is everywhere.” Whether you say, “God is everywhere,” or you say, “Everything is one energy,” are you talking about different realities or the same reality? “God is everywhere,” “Everything is one energy,” are we talking about the sam…

5 Reason Of Lazyness - Buddha Talks

Time when buddha cured the lazy man

One day while the Buddha was preaching his doctrine for the conversion of the world in the neighborhood of savate .

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A man of great wealth who suffered from many ailments came to him with clasped hands and said Lord Buddha, pardon me for my want of respect and not saluting you as I ought to but I suffer greatly from obesity excessive drowsiness and other complaints, so that I cannot move without a pain. The Tathagata (means Goutama Buddha himself) seeing the luxuries with which the man was surrounded asked him have you a desire to know the cause of your ailments and when the wealthy man expressed his willingness to learn . Buddha said there are five things which produce the condition of which you complain opulent dinners, love of sleep, hankering after pleasure, thoughtlessness and lack of occupation .Exercise self-control at your meals and take on yourself some duties that will exercise your abilities and make you usefu…